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Real-Time Asset Tracking
Our system comprises of the main Tracking, Monitoring and Control interface. It displays all the assets being monitored on a simple interface presenting the location of each particular asset. This information is displayed on a web-based or cell phone interface to the data collected from the main application interface. Where internet bandwidth constrains access to vast information, our Tracking and Monitoring interface provides a desktop PC installed version for easy access. This version also synchronizes with the main servers over a web based protocol, allowing for easy sharing of information between different operation centers.
  • GSM/GPRS Tracking - Taffiecomms provides real-time tracking through mobile telecommunication service providers that transmit data via GSM/GPRS technology
  • Satellite Tracking - We have a solution that guarantees 100% global coverage by providing real-time satellite tracking where data is transmitted through satellite communication networks.
  • Combination of GSM/GPRS and Satellite Tracking (Dual Mode) - Our dual mode solution involves real-time tracking that seamlessly switches to satellite communication in the event GPRS signal is lost thus guarantees global coverage and reduced operational costs through lowest-cost message routing.
Fleet Management
Taffiecomms has a Fleet Management and Control (FMC) Module that provides access and an interface to all the Fleet Management Data. This module is integrated directly to the Tracking and Monitoring module and thus keeps fleet management records up-to-date with tracking data. Our FMC generates tracking reports and fleet reports.
How our System Works for our Clients
Acquiring a tracking solution for your business fleet is generally an easy process that usually works like this: Once a business makes the decision to increase profits with our GPS Satellite tracking system, a Taffiecomms vehicle tracking unit (VTU) will be installed in each vehicle. With our systems, there are no exposed wires or antennas, making the equipment virtually tamper and theft proof. Utilizing satellite technology, the system begins monitoring and recording activity of each vehicle. Fleet owners or any authorized personnel can then access the information from any Internet-enabled computer. Our Software interface will give you a clear view of the position of all your vehicles, as well as important information on vehicle activity. The Taffiecomms systems will include historical reports that are simple to generate and provide a concise overview of key metrics. After proper training combined with an employee awareness program, Our Taffiecomms’ advanced fleet management system will generate a clear return on investment and reduce your business’ environmental footprint.