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  Insurance & Vehicle Tracking
  How It Works
The SAT is a compact, single piece unit, which provides a low data rate service. The SAT provides accurate, reliable and low cost satellite communication for tracking, rapid alerting and mobile asset management in security and other mission critical applications. Web-based applications providing positional/status information with high quality maps. For added security, vehicles are equipped with panic buttons which, when depressed, will automatically generate emails and/or SMS messages to designated contacts. You may also create geo fences to monitor when a vehicle enters an unauthorised area or deviates from an approved route.
BT Global  
The BT GLOBAL is a robust, compact device that uses a global Satellite network to track your mobile assets independently of ground to air networks such as GSM or Radio. The BT Global allows you to communicate with your assets no matter where they are in the world. The software is an online application accessible from anywhere in the world and has the following features:
  1. Reports
    • Current position- summary of vehicle locations
    • Historical: raw data summary of all positions reported
    • Trip report: a summary of trip movements for vehicle, start time, stop time, all stops made,kilometres covered.
  2. Violation alerts
  3. Alarm reports
  4. Email access: you can send an email to the system and know where a truck is (for smartphones)
  5. Replaying historical movement on the map
  6. You may also create geo fences and other additional features such as panic button, immobiliser and back up battery.

BT Dual Mode

The BT DUAL MODE tracking device provides the best of both worlds by using the local GSM Network while in the GSM/GPRS coverage area then seamlessly and automatically switching to Global Satellite services when out of GSM Network range. This provides the most effective and efficient mode of communication and control of asset at all times, regardless of where they may be. The BT DUAL MODE terminals merge cost-effective, high data cellular messaging with reliable and uniform satellite service to enable the best of both worlds

BT Portable

An integrated quad band GSM/GPRS phone for 2 way communication used to track, monitor and manage remote personnel or children. This is a very handy tool for merging vehicle and driver location.

  • It works like a conventional mobile phone that supports voice and sms
  • It allows for violations alerts (geofences, POIs and start time)
  • The device is programmable remotely
  • ISO Certified

BT Local

BT Local communicates via GPRS/GSM.
  • It allows for violations alerts (Geofences, speeding and night-driving)
  • On board memory chip (keeps recording even when signal is temporarily lost, up to 100,000 records)
  • CAN bus interfacing
  • The device is programmable remotely
  • Is fuel tanker/electronic seals enabled
  • ISO Certified
Maximum sensors – Four


Customization – As the developers of the system, we can customize defined reports that could be used for computing activities for an extended period of time, incident analysis, at-the-moment reports of vehicle misuse, detailed trip, sub trips times and user hours, user scoring, vehicle activity and user performance errors including graphical or tabular representation of the same. You could also customize alarms sent through the phone for violations/ alerts you specify.