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  • We deal ONLY with products of a high standard and quality. We have a strategic partnership with an organisation that is currently monitoring over 3,500 assets in real time throughout East, Central, and the horn of Africa, where the system is used by many big corporations in East Africa.
  • Our service operates on a truly seamless global satellite network with totally uninterrupted service enabling our clients to track, monitor and manage their assets effectively and efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world via a secure web based application. We also make use of dual mode systems which work on both GSM/GPRS and Satellite platform so that the device switches seamlessly from satellite to GPRS network when in GPRS network range and back to satellite if GPRS network is not detected.
  • Furthermore, our technical and non-technical staff is fully qualified and trained in the design, implementation, testing and support of all our systems on the 24 / 7 / 365 model.
  • We have full capability to enhance the system locally as all software components are licensed exclusively and developed by our strategic partner. This results in much shorter turnaround on request for customization and upgrades to the system.
  • Our products and solutions provide complete global coverage with no extra roaming charges. Our system has been tried and tested for over 5 years.
  • We implement the world renowned “Mission Directed Work Teams (MDW) programme to ensure quality and operational excellence in our work.
  • We maintain close links with our global partners and we are a member of one of the largest networks for Fleet Management Service Providers. As a group, we are tracking over 200,000 vehicles and other assets in 67 countries around the world.
  • We aim to be the leader in this new arena of Real Time Asset Tracking and Fleet Management in this region. And because of this we have a continuous innovation drive where our system is updated every quarter to keep up with progressing technology.
  • Our products and services not only provide safety, security and peace of mind to our clients, they also have a remarkably positive impact on the environment in that better maintained, well managed and more efficient fleets produce fewer carbon emissions meaning reduced pollution into the Ozone layer.

More Reasons
The Taffiecomms tracking devices provide fleet owners and managers with powerful tools that can help reduce fleet costs and increase the productivity while helping the environment. The tracking products are very effective as they integrate the latest technological features with user-friendly controls. This gives fleet owners an easy way to see what goes on beyond their office walls.

Fuel use remains a major cost for fleet owners and contributes to environmental degradation. The only way you can lower your fuel bill and help improve the environment is by reducing consumption. Taffiecomms Private Limited through its brand Taffiecomms provides high quality GPS tracking systems which include a variety of management features to help ensure that vehicles use fuel more efficiently. Driver behaviour directly affects fuel consumption with speeding and excessive idling as the two top offenders. According to the US Department of Energy, maintaining efficient vehicle speed provides a fuel economy benefit of 7-23%. In addition, the average cost of idling vehicles running at 800rpm is 0.85 gallon per hour. Considering all factors, including any wear and tear caused by restarting, any vehicle that will be stopped for more than 60 seconds (except in traffic) should have the engine turned off. By monitoring vehicle speed and idling, our GPS vehicle tracking solutions provide fleet owners with a way to pinpoint and correct poor driving habits. As driving habits improve, fuel consumption will decrease.

Our GPS fleet tracking system can increase productivity in two ways: increasing response time to job sites and ensuring employees complete their jobs in a timely manner. The system provides minute-by-minute updates to pinpoint the exact location of every vehicle, every minute of every day. Fleet owners have the ability to give drivers the location of and the quickest route to any job site. They can also locate the vehicles closest to any job site and dispatch drivers in an efficient manner.

At a time of severe economic instability, which threatens to put thousands of companies in the world out of business,Our Vehicle tracking technology can save companies thousands of dollars per year, boosting fleet efficiency and productivity.Tracking with our Advanced System offers companies operating fleets one of the most logical solutions to cutting costs. Precise updated information from our system about vehicles help increase transportation companies productivity, reduce delivery time and expenses.