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  How It Works
  • The Taffiecomms Vehicle Tracking Systems provide information that insurer’s want (They use this information to make informed decisions about risk and use;
  • Due to Improved security by installing the Taffiecomms Tracking system, our insurance partner offers lower premiums because the risk profile will have reduced as a result;
  • Tracking with Taffiecomms devices provides, among others, monitoring and supervision, hence drivers are more likely to adhere to safe speeds and tend not to abuse or use the vehicles inappropriately. This is good for insurers because installation of our tracking systems leads to fewer claims for accidents and or damage;
  • In addition if an accident occurs there is data which can show the speed, location and exact behaviour of driver/vehicle at the time of the incident. This information would be invaluable to our insurer as they can base their insurance claim payout on such information;
  • It becomes easier for our insurer to establish who caused the accident/damage;
  • Other gadgets such as immobilizers or alarms can be incorporated into the system and if your vehicle has them it is at a lower risk of being stolen. Our Strategic Insurance partner will charge lower premiums for a lower risk.